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See the Car Reviews and testimonial by recent customers who have shipped their cars using the American Auto Transport web portal.

We ecourage you to take photographs of your vehicle before and after shipping your car to ensure your satisfaction. Just take a look at the sample photographs of the vehicle below. Just record the view of your car to ensure that your delivery meets your expectations.

Auto ready for transport
Auto ready for transport

Enjoy Traveling and leave your home worry free


Folks were affected by the northern frost, but remember that we live in a world with great surprises and long distances to travel. Remember buckle up and let us take your vehicle safely. Inclement weather is the best time to transport your vehicle with us.

The Midwest was full of winter weather the first full week of January.  During period of severe weather many carrier will postpone travel plans to allow for a safer journey.  Many auto carriers  avoid congested highways that are clogged cars stuck on frozen winter roads.  Below a certain temperature, the cabin for some carriers can be very cold because they are not sufficiently insulated. During long period of severe cold weather, vehicle delivery and auto transportation will slow down to ensure the safe delivery for your vehicle and to provide a quality shipping vehicle service.

The short and long term outlook for shipping cars is very fantastic, but the winter  is expected to be very cold for the next several weeks. During the next period of unforgiving weather, please expect that all transportation services will be slowed down. Again you should expect the safe delivery of your car, SUV or hybrid to be  equally important in you in making the decision to transport your car with a quality auto transport company.



The big deal about getting a great price on transporting your automobile is to read about the experience of our recent customers.

"I used the American Auto Transport for the first time. I was contact by a friendly voice. They provided me with a $25 discount on shipping my car. With the discount, I was able to get my car shipped for $40 below the price of the other car shipping companies that I called..Thanks again for a great service at a good price.

Sandwich, MA

"Yes, I got a fair price for getting my Toyota shipped to Florida. Because I got a job transfer from East LA, I need to get my Corrola shipped quickly. The car appeared in the parking lot of my new apartment two day after I arrived. Thanks for getting my car shipped quickly."

Boca Raton, FL

"I often go to antique car shows and my old car transporter company changed hands. I did not want to use my old car transporting company because they dented my car during the last shipment. I was looking for any low cost transporter when I came across American Auto Transport. The car got to the auto show on time. The price was very reasonable.. thanks for a job well done..."

Springfield, VA

"I got a pretty good deal. I put the info on the form and received an email from an auto transporter withing just 30 minutes. They gave me a good price and the car was shipped on time. I had left a suitcase in the trunk of the car, so the transporter had me remove it. Overall, I was happy with the service and the low price."

Atlanta, GA

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